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What is ICG

The ICG online platform offers great opportunities for private investment. There are several forms of investment to choose from: the acquisition of shares, stocks, bonds, as well as receiving interest on loan agreements.

The platform serves as a meeting place for interested parties, investors who want to successfully invest and earn money, and companies that need financing.

Depending on the chosen project, you can invest in a company whose revenues range from $ 5 to $ 100 million and above. In this case, the site creates all the conditions for a safe transaction.

Who represents the ICG in Uzbekistan

WORLD CRYPTO CAPITAL LLC is the first representative of the ICG platform in Uzbekistan.

The ICG International Investment Platform has combined the safest modern companies, which allows even the most inexperienced investor to start working in it. Thanks to ICG, the money will start working for you, not you for money, because you don’t have to worry:

  • about inflation and the depreciation of savings;
  • about the mood of the employer who is entitled to both give and take a premium or a fine;
  • the lack of free time – income will depend directly on the desire to invest on the platform and choose more or less risky transactions.

The reason of making a smart move

by choosing us is:


All conditions have been created on the platform so that transactions are safe for both parties. Before investing money, buying shares or lending, the investor has the opportunity to calculate the probability of risk and return.

Risk minimization

We clearly understand that you want not to lose, but to earn more money during the period of working with us. That is why the ICG strategy is based on mathematical algorithms, where the human factor is excluded by full automation. The income is generated by the robot, which significantly reduces the risks of wrong decisions.


Investor available dynamics of income, expenses and profits of companies. The companies registered on this site independently submit financial activity reports for each month and place them in open access for all registered users.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How does an investor get income?

Answer: By investing their funds, the investor will receive a share in the company or interest on the money invested. By acquiring a stake in a promising business, there is a chance to increase your financial gains dozens or more times. In addition, the investor can receive income from turnover on a crypto-exchange.

Question: Does the company have any certificate?

Answer: Yes, of course! Without certificate to carry out this activity is impossible. The Trade, which is an international investment company, a cryptocurrency broker, a representative of the ICG platform has an international certificate. You can see the certificate here.

Question: The risks on the exchange are clear. But how safe is the ICG project itself? Will it close?

Answer: The answer to this question is one! It is not profitable to close such a large-scale project.

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